June 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would like to thank you all for the tremendous support that you have given us this year. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a position financially that we cannot sustain the current number of babies that we care for. It has been decided that we will, over the next 2-3 months, reduce the number of babies cared for in our units by around 50 babies. Currently we care for 285 babies; this change will reduce the number to 235 which will put us in a much better financial position for the future.

We know that on the surface this may look like bad news but it comes along with a change in direction for New Hope Foundation. We have always known that we cannot solve all the issues facing babies in the care of the government Children’s Welfare Institutes (CWI); what we have endeavored to do is create working models of Special Care Centers within government institutions. This has been very successful and has gained a lot of respect within the government system. We have decided to focus our attention on developing a training system within our existing units. This is being done with the help of Show Hope, our US partners, based on a program called TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) which has been developed in the USA to help families of adopted children. This program is focused on the special emotional needs of children from “hard places” and how as caregivers we can help meet those needs. We believe that if we can customize the program to suit the local culture and caregivers then it will be a very valuable addition to the model units we are already running in China.

Our dream is that just as we have seen a tremendous improvement in the conditions within the government-run CWI’s, with a lot of money being spent on the facilities they have around China, we hope to create within our units a model of emotional care that will be seen by the CWI’s that we now work with as a really positive step forward. As we have already been asked by one CWI to train their staff, we are working towards having a training package to offer them. This we hope will be well accepted and potentially could have a tremendous impact all over China. Once again we thank you all for you continued support as we work towards improving the standards of care for babies abandoned here in China.

We are very glad to have welcomed three volunteers this month. Nadia from the US is here for the first time. We are thankful for her willingness to travel to Hong Kong with Lily-Kate (pictured below) for surgery.  We are also very happy to have Stephanie from the US and Emma from the UK both back this summer. We are grateful for a great team of volunteers this summer!

Lastly, we were joined this month by another great group from Joshua Expeditions. This time a high school group from Norfolk Christian Academy in Norfolk, Virginia. The group came stocked with supplies for the foster home as well as willing hands to work and play. One of the highlights for our children and staff were daily Kindermusik classes led by their music teacher. The group brought various instruments to share with the children and we had a blast! (For more pictures see sidebar; for videos, please check out our Facebook page)

With Love and Gratitude,Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This month:

12 new children were admitted into our care
10 children were adopted
9 children were hospitalized or had surgery
3 children passed away
Our staff loves to hear from families post-adoption. We have a board set up in our stroller room where we post photos of children with their forever families for their former nannies to see. Our volunteers are hard at work this summer updating the wall with photos. If you are the family of a former New Hope child, we’d love to add your child and family’s photo(s). Please contact Becca for more info.

Musical Fun for Everyone!

Baby News and Movements from Beijing’s Hope Healing Home
We are so pleased that ArchieLeaf, and Violet were all adopted this month!Alesandria and Lily-Kate went to Hong Kong for complex surgery performed and sponsored by MedArt. Sasha and Trent arrived from Luoyang for further care in Beijing.

News from our Henan Special Care Centers

MedArt came to visit the Henan Special Care Centers this month. They had productive meetings and saw all the children in our care. We are very glad they were able to come.

We are so pleased that Arthur (not pictured), LuciusRainierSky, and Tara were adopted this month. We also heard that Gustavo and Jaspher were adopted previously.

Please visit our Prayer List throughout the month for updates on prayer needs for our children

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