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January 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, As we write this newsletter, we are in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations here in China. As most of you likely know, celebrating Chinese New Year in China is the equivalent of celebrating Christmas in most Western countries. This year we welcome the Year of the Rooster. We are very grateful for yet another year to continue the work God is allowing us to do here. As you can see from the photos in the sidebar, our preschoolers have been getting in on the fun and learning a lot about this special Chinese holiday. We really want to thank all of you that regularly donate to the work we do here in China. You enable us to make an amazing difference in the lives of the little ones that God entrusts us with. You may have heard that there are new laws in China that affect all non-government organizations (NGO’s) working here. We are really excited to tell you that New Hope Foundation was among the first NGO’s to be officially registered under the new laws 2 weeks ago. Praise God! He seems to want us to be here for some time to come. God has provided for this work amazingly over the last 18 years and as we go into the New Year we look forward to the plans that He has for us. Financial support for the Henan care centers and also our Beijing center is still needed for us to continue looking after the babies in our care; we ask you to respond from your hearts as to how this may apply to you. This month, we’ve welcomed two volunteers who will be with us for two months. Annie was with us this same time last year during her winter break from Dartmouth College. We are very glad to have her back. We are also very pleased to have her classmate Jessica also here helping us. In addition to helping with our preschool classes, Jessica has already accompanied two children, Art and Leaf, to Hong Kong this month.  Jessica & Annie Earlier this month our Medical Director, Dr. Steve, sent a very touching message of hope to our staff. As we reflect on the past year and welcome a new one, we wanted to also share this wonderful message of hope with you: Years ago we lost a little girl soon after her heart surgery. Her name was Metta, and she was such a beautiful girl.  She had Down syndrome and a heart problem. We had another girl named Nathalie with Down syndrome from the same orphanage and with the same kind of condition affecting her heart. Nathalie had survived her heart surgery, so we had expected Metta to do well at the same hospital. That hospital was and still is one of the best in the country for that type of defect. But when Metta died, we were suddenly and profoundly reminded of the tenuous hold we have on life and the complexity of these children’s medical needs. Nathalie stayed with us longer and longer as we hoped for her to go for adoption. Families wanted her, but for some reason she stayed with us. Then separately another little girl named Jessica-Hope came with three significant medical complications that in the...

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December 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, We hope you and your families all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. We want to also take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year! This month was busy and bustling around our home as we welcomed many groups and visitors who brought gifts and donations to the children for Christmas. Among the groups that visited, we were happy to welcome once more a small group from Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF). Led by Ka yan, this group comes each year at the beginning of December to decorate our home for the holidays.     We were also very happy to host a small group of students from the International School of Beijing (ISB) who came and put on a short Christmas concert for our children. A new volunteer from Australia, Alicia, joined our New Hope family during the month of December. Alicia will be with us until early January and has been a wonderful help with our preschool classes. This Christmas was really special for us as we were able to spend time with a few of our family members. Our son Adam came with his wife Asami and their two children, Christopher and baby Anna. Our daughter Ruth was also with us, as well as our daughter-in-law Karen (wife of our son Aron) and their two daughters, Maya and Georgia. We also celebrated Maya’s 11th birthday on Christmas day. We would like to announce that our son Adam’s television show, Destination Flavour, was awarded Australia’s Best Lifestyle Television Program at the AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) this year. Adam, a lawyer, won the Australian MasterChef competition in 2010 and he was also appointed the “Japanese Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine” in July earlier this year. He is also an Ambassador for UNICEF. Rob and I are very proud of his achievements as well as the achievements of all our children in their chosen professions. Happy New Year! Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff “It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you….Yes it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.” Mother Teresa This month: 10 new children were admitted into our care 6 children were adopted 14 children were hospitalized or had surgery 3 children passed away In 2016: 120 new children were admitted into our care 70 children were adopted 221 children were hospitalized or had surgery 35 children passed away 435 total number of children cared for this year Baby News and Movements from Beijing’s Hope Healing Home We are very pleased that Annie and Steven were adopted this month!    News from our Henan Special Care Centers Blessing, Kayne, Rose and Ziggy were all adopted this month!      Please visit our Prayer List throughout the month for updates on prayer needs for our children Travelers Needed We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you are able to help or...

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November 2016 Newsletter

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To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes    Dear Friends and Supporters, It may not be Christmas just yet, but it’s definitely feeling a lot like winter as Beijing had its first beautiful winter snowfall this month.   On the heels of this Thanksgiving season, we are very grateful this month for the wonderful response we had to last month’s newsletter. We’ve had many of our faithful supporters thinking of creative ways in which they can help raise additional funds for us, including covering costs for immunizations and for this winter’s coal costs to keep our children and staff warm. We do have so many things to be thankful for this month. We’re especially thankful for our friends in Hong Kong. The owner of Roger Vivier HK organized a fundraising day and gave us a very generous donation; as a part of this, Carina Lau, a very famous singer and actress in Hong Kong made two extremely generous donations to the Beijing running costs. This donation means that we can reopen 3 beds that were closed earlier this year in Beijing. In addition, we will not have to return 4 children (who have had all needed surgeries and are now healthy) back to their orphanages to make room for sicker babies. We are also grateful for our friend Gek Tan who started Love for Orphans in Beijing. Although she recently moved back to Singapore, she has been visiting Beijing for a few days and has brought many of her friends who have donated diapers and lots of rice to help with supplies for Beijing.     Gek and Love for Orphans volunteers helping with this month’s birthday celebration 150 bags of rice… 5 months worth of rice! We are also really happy to let you all know that we have been able to help another foster home in Nanjing. The director there, Linda Huang, approached us for medical advice a few months ago. She cares for 12 babies in her Nanjing Rainbow Center; the needs of the children she cares for are very similar to those cared for in our existing Special Care Centers. She also reaches out to local families who are caring for babies with severe disabilities in Nanjing. We have signed an agreement with her to put one of our nurses in Nanjing. The Nanjing Rainbow Center will come under the existing system that is in place for our existing medical care and Dr. Martin will oversee all treatment plans there. It is really good to be able to help in this way. NHF Beijing will cover costs of the nurse working there and her expenses. On a personal note, Joyce and Robin would like to say a special thank you to those of you that reached out to help them with personal support. You really blessed and encouraged them tremendously. With Love and Gratitude, The NHF Team “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”   Galatians 6:9 This month: 8 new children were admitted into our care 5 children were adopted 30 children were hospitalized or had surgery 3 children passed away Rod Freeland, a NICU nurse from California, and his daughter Naomi (pictured above) were here for a few...

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October 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, This month, in big ways and small ways, we’ve been reminded that “it never hurts to ask.” Whether it is presenting a need to our Father through prayer or presenting a need to our faithful supporters, we’ve been very blessed to be the recipients of the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of many. It is in this spirit of asking that we give thanks this month and also present some current needs, in faith that God is already aware of these needs and able and willing to meet them, according to His kindness and love for His children. Some of the many acts of kindness this month… Earlier this month, Dr. Steve brought a request to our attention for some infant sleepers for our youngest babies. We put a simple request on our Facebook page and within 24 hours, we’d received replies from 15 people willing to help with this request! We received an email from a kind friend, Collette, who after organizing a bake sale for New Hope raised $300! A special thanks goes to Philip Morris for their generous donation towards the Beijing running costs this month. While in Beijing for a conference, Emily, a doctor from Hong Kong, came to our home to share her artistic talents and painted a mural in our Bouncing Bunnies wing. A group of volunteers from “Love for Orphans” has been coming to our home each Monday to read books with the children. In additon to their Monday visits, they also sent four of their volunteers to help with this month’s big birthday party.   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” – Matthew 7:7-8 We are looking for sponsors who are willing to cover the costs of needed vaccinations for our children. The cost per child is approx. $1,000 USD. This covers 3 doses of five vaccines recommended here in China.This month as the temperatures have dropped and we head into winter, we need to start heating again. We have purchased coal for our boiler which costs $12,000 USD. The amount of coal we purchased should last us through the winter. If you would like to help cover all or a part of this, it would be really helpful. We have also been doing some ongoing maintenance work in our Beijing home (painting and repairing some water damage caused by rain leaking through the roof). The cost of these repairs has been $2,500 USD. Again, any help towards these costs would be greatly appreciated. We are still looking for donors to support the work in Henan Province in our Special Care Centers. We have decided to try and continue to care for as many babies as we can in these centers as we do have some promised support. Any additional funding will mean we can start to increase the number of babies taken into our care again. If you feel led to help with any of the above costs, please email Robin. On a personal note… For many years Joyce and I have been personally supported financially from outside foster home funding...

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September 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, Autumn is here and we are loving the cooler weather we’ve had lately. The fall winds have brought us some wonderfully blue skies and we always know autumn in here when the corn is being harvested on the streets in our nearby villages. Dr. Joyce, Dr. Steve, Dr. Zhai, our PT Jessica and Becca all had the opportunity to go to Hong Kong this month to attend a Spina Bifida conference organized by our friends at MedArt. Dr. Steve was able to share at some of the sessions and our medical staff gained some valuable knowledge during the conference. The highlight of the trip though was getting to see one of our former New Hope children who has since been adopted. As a beneficiary of MedArt’s wonderful work, he and his mom also attended the conference to share their story of hope. “Simeon” at New Hope, now Landon pictured with Becca, Dr. Joyce, and Dr. Steve WE LOVE BOOKS! One of our former volunteers recently held an Usborne book fundraiser to raise funds for us and send new books for our preschool classes. The books have recently arrived with travelers and our kids are having so much fun exploring their new books in preschool. Thank you to many of you who participated in this fundraiser to provide our children with new and exciting, great quality books to read! “Judson” and “Isaac” enjoying some of our new books With Love and Gratitude, The NHF Team Our staff loves to hear from families post-adoption. We have a board set up in our stroller room where we post photos of children with their forever families for their former nannies to see. We’ve recently had an idea to redecorate this area and in place of a board, we’re creating a wall of flowers with photos of children and their families. If you are the family of a former New Hope child, we’d love to add your child and family’s photo(s). Please contact Becca for more info. I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not because I see it but because by it, I see everything else.C.S. Lewis This month: 25 new children were admitted into our care 5 children were adopted 24 children were hospitalized or had surgery 5 children passed away Books, books, and more books! We’ve recently updated our needs and wish list on our website. If you’re interested in learning about other needs at our Special Care Centers, please check it out here. Note: scroll to the bottom of the web page for updated PDF. Baby News and Movements from Beijing’s Hope Healing Home Kenzli had checkups in Tianjin this month. Archie was transferred to our Nanyang Special Care center. His joyful voice is greatly missed here in our Beijing home. We hope that Violet does well during her upcoming surgery. Sarah had surgery in Hong Kong sponsored by the Adventist Hospital Heart Fund. We are very thankful she had that opportunity. We are so pleased that Alecto and Joe-Baylor were adopted this month!    News from our Henan Special Care Centers Raeanne, Sloane, and Troylan were all adopted this month! If this newsletter has been forwarded to you and you would like to receive your own monthly copy, please email us...

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August 2016 Newsletter

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To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes    Dear Friends and Supporters, Summer is quickly coming to an end here in Beijing as evenings and mornings begin to cool and days get shorter. Our preschoolers (pictured above) have enjoyed a few more days of swimming before packing up swimsuits and pool toys, and we’ve just said goodbye to the last of our wonderful summer volunteers. The changing seasons often seem bittersweet as we say goodbye to many of the things we love to welcome new and exciting things. We want to say a very special thank you to all of you that responded to our last newsletter; because of the response we’ve had, we’ve been able to put a hold on reducing the number of babies that we can care for. We will be able to give more details next month, but as one large donor has offered to help us, we will be able to continue the work that we are doing in Henan much as we have in the past. God has once again shown Himself faithful in caring for the babies in our care and we are so thankful. With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you are.Joshua 1:19 This month: 20 new children were admitted into our care 1 child passed away 11 children were hospitalized or had surgery 4 children were adopted Please visit our Prayer Listthroughout the month for updates on prayer needs for our children. Baby News and Movements from Hope Healing Home Kenzli returned from the hospital doing well. Ashby visited us in Beijing briefly from Hong Kong then needed to return for continuation of medical care by our friends at MedArt. He is now being wonderfully cared for at the Home of Loving Faithfulness ( until he can go for adoption. Alectoneeded to return to his orphanage to prepare for an upcoming adoption. We welcomed Braden into our care. We are very pleased that Carson was adopted this month. Carson News from our Henan Special Care Centers We are very grateful to Dr. Chin Lim and his wife Choo who have once again come to help cover care at our Henan units. The Lims (from Australia) have been coming to help for many years and we are very thankful for their faithful love and care towards our children. Dr. and Mrs. Lim at MBHOH, Luoyang News of Confirmed Adoptions and Our Hopes for Adoption Alexander, Declan, and Essie were all adopted this month!    Travelers Needed We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you are able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact the following:a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone: 615-403-1242  suitcasesoflove@gmail.comb) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey c)...

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July 2016 Newsletter

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(This newsletter originally appeared here.) Dear Friends and Supporters, The last few months have been a mixture of both good and not so good news. The good news is that so many of our babies have been going for adoption and also many babies have received much needed surgeries with the help of our MedArt and Mending Kids friends. Also because of the support from the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and many others, our Beijing Center’s financial situation is on a very firm base.Our long-time partner in the work in Henan, Show Hope, continues to provide very significant support – all told they have made a commitment of almost $3M to assist in the work in Henan this upcoming year. And while full funding of all available beds has always been their goal, the size of our operations there now requires that we find additional financial help in order to maximize the number of beds we are able to fill and thus the number of children in Henan we can care for. The not so good news is that over the next 12 months we have a shortfall of US$1,000,000 in the funding for the Special Care Centers in Henan (a reduction of 1/4 over previous year). This means that we need to reduce the number of babies in our care by around 80 babies in the next few months. Some of these babies will be adopted, some will pass away, but the majority will be returned to the Government Children’s Welfare Institutes (CWI). We are of course very sad that this has to happen but there is no way around this unless another donor comes along. Our first step will be to reduce our Jiaozuo Special Care Center from 36 babies to 12. This will happen during the month of August. We will move babies to other units where space permits and 8 children who are able to cope will return to the Jiaozuo CWI. We are prayerfully asking for God to identify those individuals and donor organizations that can walk alongside New Hope and Show Hope in Henan to provide the optimum care possible. Since Joyce and I started in this work in 1999 we have seen God provide over and over again for what He wanted to do and we really believe that is still the case. We count you all as our friends and you have all been a part of this work; we feel that it is only right that we put this situation before you all. With Love and Gratitude,Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. Corrie Ten Boom We were glad to have a visit this month by a group from Lake Joondalup Baptist College in Australia (a portion of the group pictured above). They came with a bus load of students and teachers willing to work and loads of supplies for our babies! This month we’ve welcomed new volunteers Brynn and Cassidy, college students from Canada. Brynn and Cassidy will be teaching our preschool classes during the month of August and helping with swim time, amongst other responsibilities. We are also glad to welcome back Andrew and Jo-anne from Australia. After a two-week visit in 2015, they’ve decided to...

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June 2016 Newsletter

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(This newsletter originally appeared here.) Dear Friends and Supporters, As we write Robin, Joyce and Katie are on holiday in the UK. As most of you know, Robin has recently been awarded the MBE Award, which was presented to him at Buckingham Palace on June 22nd. In addition to receiving this great award, they are taking some time to visit friends and relatives and have even been able to go on a sailing trip, a hobby which Robin has loved for many, many years.There was a wonderful article written about Robin and Joyce in the South China Morning Post: Here in Beijing, June began with a Children’s Day celebration. This is a Chinese holiday in which children around the country are celebrated. We had some local visitors who showered the children with gifts and some wonderful sweet treats! It was very touching that on this day when children are celebrated, there were so many people who thought of our children and came out to visit them.June has also brought with it hotter weather, which means the children have finally been able to take part in swimming! Most are ecstatic when Tuesdays and Thursdays come around and they get to swim with volunteers and classmates. A big thanks to all who donated rash guards/swim shirts for our children to use this summer!               We have 3 great volunteers helping us this summer: David from Canada, Emma from the UK, and Ella from Ghana. We are very grateful for their help and for the way in which they enrich the children’s lives with their time, energy and presence. In addition to our volunteers, summer usually brings groups from all over the world to visit our children. This month we welcomed a group of high school students, staff, and parents from Texas. This group spent the majority of their time playing with the children, but also helped us with multiple projects around the home including cleaning, painting, and gardening. We know that the work we do would not be as enriching for the children without so many hands and hearts being a part of it with us, and for that we are very thankful!With Love and Gratitude,Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff A Note from Joyce: Rob and I are so proud to announce that our son Adam has been appointed “Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador” in Australia for his contribution to the promotion of Japanese food culture in Australia. This is the first time that this has been presented to a person outside of Japan. Adam, a lawyer, won the Australian MasterChef competition in 2010 and now writes cookbooks and is about to begin filming his fifth season of the popular television series, Destination Flavour. Thank you to ISB students Kelly, Indie and Emma who came to our home 3 days in a row (in the heat) to complete the painting of our preschool playground fence. They did a fantastic job and left our preschool students with a wonderful addition to their playground! One of our former volunteers, Chelsea, is running a fundraiser for New Hope through Usborne Books & More. Through this fundraiser you have the option of purchasing books for yourself (commission from sales will be donated to New Hope) and/or purchase books for the children at New Hope from a...

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May 2016 Newsletter

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(View this newsletter in its original location) Dear Friends and Supporters, As many of you know from our previous months newsletters, we’ve been looking to May with great anticipation as we prepared for the British Embassy’s Away Day, in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. May has come and gone and left us with some wonderfully renovated and colorful spaces around the home. We’ve included below some photos for you to see the many transformations that took place in 3 days’ time with the help of 300+ workers! Since one of the projects that the British Embassy undertook was our preschool classroom renovation, our awesome preschool teachers/volunteers got creative this month to provide the children with some exciting opportunities outside the classroom. One of these opportunities included a trip to the Beijing Aquarium. For most, if not all of our children, this was likely the first time they had seen large fish (other than the ones in the fish tank in our lobby), ridden in a large coach, and for some the first time eating chicken nuggets and French fries! We are very happy to have the Dorris family visiting with us for several weeks. As most of you know, Rebecca Dorris is our supply suitcase coordinator in the US and has been sending supply suitcases from the US to China for 14 years through what she calls “Suitcases of Love.” She, her husband Charles and their three daughters have been and continue to be such a great blessing to our ministry. Please see info at the bottom of our newsletter if you are interested in helping send supplies our way via Rebecca. With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff “I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.” – Steven Grellet AQUARIUM FUN! A huge thanks to volunteer Stephanie for raising the funds for our field trips to the Beijing Aquarium and giving our children such a unique and enlightening experience! We were very glad to have a visit from Jana Schmidt, CEO/Founder of Little Flowers of China. We are very grateful for her support and the many supplies she has sent our way! This month we had: 2 admissions No deaths 11 hospitalizations and surgeries 8 adoptions For the first time in our memory, we have had a month where no babies in our care have passed away. We are very grateful. Baby News and Movements from Hope Healing Home Stacy was able to go for surgery in Hong Kong with MedArt and is recovering very well! Kale was transferred from the Zhengzhou Special Care Center. Gaines and Kenzli returned from the hospital. We are pleased to announce that Isabella left for adoption. Although his discharge was noted in a past newsletter, we were very happy to have a visit from Steve and his family, who were returning to China for a second adoption. Isabella Steve (now Sammy) and his family, pictured with Robin News from our Henan Special Care Centers Confirmed Adoptions and Our Hopes for Adoption Abree, Emma, Erick, Greyson, Kiera, Tracer, and Vincent left us for adoption!        British Embassy’s 2016 Away Day As you can imagine, a project of...

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April 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, We are happy to write to you this month with an updated format for our email newsletter. We may need to tweak and change a few things in the coming months as we figure out what works and what doesn’t, but we hope that it will continue to be a source of encouragement to you, our faithful friends and supporters, as you get a glimpse into some of our day-to-day happenings here at Hope Foster Home. We are very pleased to announce that after nearly a year, Maria’s Big House of Hope is open once more. Our staff and children in Luoyang were overjoyed this month to get the news that they could move out of the temporary residence they’ve been living in and back into their home. The timing was great as it coincided with the Show Hope Men’s Construction team, so they had plenty of hands eager and willing to help with the move…and lots of painting! Even little Vincent found his hammer and got to work!     We are eagerly anticipating the British Embassy’s Away Day in May, as they’ve already had contractors and workers here preparing for the massive project, which will take place May 16-18. In the span of 3 days they plan to send 300+ of their Embassy workers to work on various projects including a brand new playground, preschool playground, preschool classroom renovation, chicken coup (with chickens), memorial garden, and some miscellaneous gardening around the home. It will be a huge undertaking and we are excited to see the results (be sure to see May’s newsletter for photos). This month, Ms. Gek Noi Tan organized a cooking competition in partnership with New Hope Foundation, to raise funds for the surgeries of one of our little boys called Alexander under the banner of “Cook For Hope”. The event was held at The Green T House here in Beijing. Several teams representing different countries participated and 54,748 RMB was raised for Alexander. Everyone had a wonderful time and the food was wonderful. The food from Taiwan was voted the best, followed by Hong Kong and Malaysia but the true winner was Alexander who was able to receive surgery that has changed his life. We are truly grateful for all those who participated to help change the life of this little boy. Thank you all so very much! Joyce and Robin with Gek and the “Cook for Hope” Team NHF Volunteer Stephanie and nurses Krishtel and Heidi participated on the New Hope cooking team, along with Robin and Joyce. With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff   A huge thank you to the OASIS Hospital Dental Department for their support this month in helping teach our children and nannies about dental hygiene. Dental nurse John did a great job talking to our children and explaining to the nannies the importance of caring for baby teeth. The kids are doing a great job remembering to daily brush their teeth!    We are very grateful for the support that we received this month from Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF). Led by their KidzCity ministry, they raised a very large sum of money for New Hope and along with many members from their fellowship have committed to sponsoring each one of...

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