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November 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, Fall is in full swing here and we’ve enjoyed the changing leaves and cooler weather. Our foreign staff enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving together, complete with turkey and all the fixins’ and we’ll soon be decorating the home for the upcoming Christmas holiday. As you can see from the photos, the preschool children have enjoyed some time outside exploring leaves. They’ve been learning about colors and the changing leaves have provided them a great way to experience new colors as they’ve learned about them in class. For a peek into more fall leaf fun, please visit this link on our Facebook page. This month we are really excited to introduce you to some new additions to the New Hope Foundation support staff. Stephen and JoAnna, from the USA, have joined us this month and will be with us for at least a year. JoAnna is a physical therapist and will be using her gifts and knowledge in this area with many of our children here in Beijing. Stephen will be helping us in many areas of administration including our website, organizing groups and volunteers and hospitality. We are so happy to have them here serving with us! We are also very pleased to introduce Edie, a new volunteer from New Zealand. Edie will be with us until the end of December. She has been a great help in preschool and is currently in Hong Kong serving as a caretaker for Nigel, one of our children who will be having surgery there. Welcome Edie! Another highlight this month was getting the opportunity to celebrate a very special day with one of our longest-running Chinese staff members, Linda, who serves as our Henan director. As many of you know Linda has been with us since the very early days and first began working with us as a nanny. In her many years of service at New Hope she has worked her way up to overseeing all of our Henan facilities. This month, her daughter Xiao Pei was married and many of our New Hope family had the opportunity to celebrate with their family. We would like to say a special thank you this month to all of you that have supported us this month in so many different ways. Among those we’d like to thank are the students at UWCSEA and also the Tudor Foundation in Singapore. We also had a very generous donation this month from Exalted Holdings Ltd. After 14 years at our Shunyi location, we have had to do some extensive renovations to the Beijing Home as we found many areas throughout the home that were in need of repair. As we begin the use of our new gas boiler this winter, we are needing to replace all windows at the front of the building to ensure that there are no leaks where the heating can escape. We have also had to do some major repairs to the staff bathroom areas. Lastly, due to some new fire regulations we have also unexpectedly had to replace the roofing over the kitchen and canteen area. If you would like to help with any of these renovation costs, please email Robin. Prices are listed below: Windows  USD $4,375 Bathrooms  USD $2,656 Roofing  USD $6,250 With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff “We are but servants on the battlefield; the real soldier in the fight for all goodness and all love is God Himself” – Gary Haugen This month: 12 new children were admitted into our care 5 children were adopted 14 hospitalizations or surgeries 3 children...

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October 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, We hope this letter finds you all doing well. As temperatures have dropped this month, we find ourselves very grateful once more for the ways in which God has provided for us. As many of you know, we’ve had to switch to a gas boiler this year as coal burning is no longer allowed in our village. We are very pleased that our new gas boiler is installed, running and now paid for. A very special thank you to all who gave to cover the costs, and especially to J & A in Shanghai. It was a team effort, and we do not take these gifts for granted! After we had finished paying all our bills and salaries during October, we had HK $235 (US $30) in our main account in Hong Kong. Not really very much when we look at what we need each month. As has happened so many times in the past, a new donor in Hong Kong put HK $200,000 (US $25,600) into our account. We continue to be amazed at the way the funds to care for all these precious children always seem to be there just when the need is greatest. Thank you to all of you that have in so many ways blessed the whole team here in China by your support. We were very pleased to find out this month that our youngest daughter Katie, who graduated high school in June of this year, has been accepted into Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia! She will be working towards a degree in Social Work which will enable her to work with adopted children and their families. This will be a big change for her as she has always lived in China. Flinders University is ranked within the top 500 institutions in the world. We are all so proud of her! Our son Adam was once again in the news: “ANA is excited to announce our new culinary ambassador, Adam Liaw! Enjoy our seasonal inflight menus designed by Adam Liaw….Our new culinary ambassador is chef and author Adam Liaw, host of the AACTA Award-winning television series, Destination Flavour on SBS. Recently appointed by the Japanese government as a Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador, he is also UNICEF Australia’s national ambassador for nutrition and has written 5 best-selling cookbooks. He was the winner of MasterChef Australia in 2010.”    Congratulations Adam! With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff God has given us two hands, one to receive with and one to give with.  Billy Graham This month:10 new children were admitted into our care 4 children were adopted 22 hospitalizations or surgeries 1 child passed awayPlease visit our Prayer Listthroughout the month for updates on prayer needs for our children Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!A highlight for our children each month is getting to celebrate birthdays. We have a big birthday party at the end of each month where we all come together to celebrate all the children who have had birthdays that month. We’re always happy for new birthday party supplies and are looking to restock a few items in our birthday bin. If you’re interested in donating to our birthday parties, please contact Becca, who can send you a list of most-needed birthday items. Mending Kids International Team  Mending Kids International (MKI) has come this month to help us again with a team led by Dr. Phil Frykman. We are celebrating 7 years of their helping us with children who have complicated gastrointestinal conditions. Out of the children they have helped us with, 16 were adopted in the...

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September 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, Autumn is in the air and we are loving the cooler weather and clear skies here in Beijing. Our children are going out to play daily now that the temperatures are not so high and they are having a great time playing on the playground and going for walks with their nannies.   For more Fall 2017 pics, check out our Facebook page Robin, Joyce and Katie were able to take a month away in Singapore and Australia, as they prepare Katie to begin university in Australia in just a few short months. Katie is the last of their children living at home, so soon the Hills will be true “empty nesters” and likely won’t know what to do with the calm and quiet in their home (although if it gets too quiet, all they have to do is walk a few steps to the foster home where noise and commotion abound!) While in Singapore, our friend Gek organized a Cook for Hope event which raised 20,000 (SGD) and as an added bonus, the Hills got to enjoy some really nice food! Cook-4-Hope Singapore This month we welcomed two new volunteers who will be helping us with preschool. Julia, from the US, will be with us for 3 months and Joyce, also from the US will be with us for at least 6 months, possibly longer. We are very grateful for their willingness to come help us and teach our children.   As schools are back in session now, we are also happy to have students back from the International School of Beijing (ISB) each weekend to play with the children, as well as students from Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) who came to visit us during their CAS Project week and helped with some lawn care. As always, our sincere thanks go out to all of you who support us each month in many different ways. We ask for your continued prayers for the work in China. With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.Steven Grellet This month: 8 new children were admitted into our care 5 children were adopted or reunited with birth family 15 children were hospitalized or had surgery 2 children passed awayPlease visit our Prayer Listthroughout the month for updates on prayer needs for our children A Year of HOPE One of our volunteers has recently put together a beautiful calendar for 2018. Each month is a picture created with our children’s hand prints and foot prints. All proceeds from the sales of these calendars will be donated to New Hope. If you’re interested in purchasing one (or more) of these beautiful calendars, please email Stephanie no later than Oct. 20th NewHopeFundraisers Baby News and Movements from Beijing’s Hope Healing Home Kenzli had checkups in Tianjin this month. Ace, Loraine, Sisa, and Stephen arrived in Beijing from our other Care Centers this month. We are glad for them to join in on our fun here! Addie returned to MBHOH for continuity of care. McKinley had to return to his CWI to prepare for his upcoming adoption. We are very happy that Charlotte and Kale were adopted this month! Shay was reunited with his birth family, and we have heard thatThomas-Yuri was adopted recently!     News from our Henan and Nanjing Special Care Centers This month we needed to decrease the number of beds in Nanyang by...

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August 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, It is hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to a close and that autumn is nearly upon us. The children have had a blast swimming this summer and got to enjoy a few last weeks of swimming before the month’s end.   We were happy to welcome one more volunteer this month. Wen has been a big help already with swimming and preschool and is currently in Hong Kong accompanying one of our babies who is awaiting surgery at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. We are very grateful for Wen’s willingness to help in this way and for such an awesome group of volunteers this summer! Now that September is upon us, the children will resume their daily preschool classes and as we say goodbye to two of our summer volunteers, we will welcome two new volunteers in the coming weeks who will help us through the fall. As we mentioned in a previous newsletter this summer, Katie McGunnigal, from Show Hope, and Polly Zhai, from the New Hope staff in Luoyang, have teamed up to spend the majority of this past July and August traveling to all five Care Centers and instructing the nannies and staff in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) care-giving methods. The sessions have been fruitful and seem to be well received by the staff, enabling nannies to engage the underlying needs voiced in a child’s behavior. It is a joy to see the nannies using the TBRI principles as they build upon their connection with the children, and to see the children blossom and grow as a result. Please keep the TBRI training and work in your prayers. As the TBRI training was taking place in our Beijing facility, one thing we noticed that was really endearing was that when the nannies were given breaks and provided snacks, as soon as they got their snacks, they would bring handfuls of the snacks back to the children in the nurseries. Of course, the children were ecstatic to get these special snacks and it was so sweet to see that the nannies were so anxious and willing to share the snacks with “their” children.     Our thanks go out to all of you who donate each month to the work here in China. You make a tremendous contribution to each of the children’s lives.  We are still in urgent need of support for running costs; there is currently a shortfall of $100,000 (USD) each month, so if any of you can help towards that, small or large, it would be a great blessing. Thanks to Rui Ray’s appeal, which was posted last month, we have received some donations towards the new heating boiler, but we still need $20,000 (USD) to cover full cost. Again, any help towards that would be greatly appreciated. Please email Robin if you are willing to help in either of these areas. With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein This month: 11 new children were admitted into our care 4 children were adopted 5 children were hospitalized or had surgery 4 children passed away For a peek into more August swim photos,check out our Facebook page. Baby News and Movements from Beijing’s Hope Healing Home We have heard that Kael was adopted previously! Addie came back to BJ-HHH this month. Primo-Antonio went back to our Zhengzhou Special Care Center after his cleft lip surgery. Lily-Grace came from Zhengzhou to prepare for heart surgery. She was able to...

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July 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Supporters, July was a bittersweet month for us here at New Hope. We had some happy highs, along with some sad lows. We are grateful for the large number of adoptions we saw throughout our Beijing and Henan units, but it was also very sad to see some of the babies we have cared for leave us here in Beijing this month to return to their orphanages. Many of the children had been with us since infancy and had all received treatment; our hope is that going back to their orphanage will encourage the Children’s Welfare Institutes (CWI) to put them up for adoption soon. As we mentioned last month, we are still in need of regular financial support to continue to the work here in China. The centers that we run in Beijing and Henan serve as a model, which have been the catalyst for change in many CWI’s raising the standards in their facilities. We really want to continue to display an excellent standard of care in all of our centers. We can do this with your support as we have in the past. In last month’s letter we talked about the training program, TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention), that our partners from Show Hope are helping us implement. This program has been modified to suit local culture and the needs we have to equip our staff with the tools to care for our babies and toddlers. During the month of July we started the next round of TBRI training for nannies in our Zhengzhou Special Care Center. We were thrilled when we were approached by the Zhengzhou CWI to train 100 of the their foster parents at the same time as our staff. This is a very encouraging start and we look forward to seeing the effectiveness of the program throughout our centers and beyond! We were very pleased to have a visit this month from Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, and their two daughters, Shaoey and Stevey Joy. They were able to spend a few days here in Beijing as well as in Luoyang at Maria’s Big House of Hope. One of the joys of summer here at Hope Foster Home is getting to take our children swimming. If you’ve ever visited our home during the summer months you know this is a highlight for many of our children. We hope you’ll enjoy some photos of our splashing summer fun. If you’d like to see more of our favorite swimming photos from July, check out this album on our Facebook page.   With Love and Gratitude, Robin, Joyce and the New Hope Staff We still have not funded the new gas boiler for the Beijing home. We are still around US $30,000 short of the amount needed in spite of the really cute appeal by one of our former New Hope children from Beijing which many of you might remember as James/”Rui-Rui” … If you’re having trouble viewing the picture, please check it out on our Facebook page I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16 This month: 8 new children were admitted into our care 17 children were adopted 13 children were hospitalized or had surgery 3 children passed away We’d like to give thanks to our friend Gek who once again has hosted a Cook-4-Hope event, this time in her own home,...

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